Hi! Welcome to Manic Mama!

 I'm Rebecca, a high-strung, laid back, Type A, fly by the seat of my meticulously planned pants stay at home mama. 

As Queen of my testosterone-filled castle, I spend my days wiping noses and asses.... and yogurt off every vertical and horizontal surface in the kingdom. 

I love cooking and baking but I will only share my second best recipes, never my first best. I watch too much TV and don't read enough books. I knit and craft but have a wonderful ability to ALWAYS make a project WAY more complicated than it needs to be and NEVER think it COMPLETELY through - unlike EVERYTHING ELSE in life. I love photography, repeatedly picking up and putting down really heavy shit, chai, cozy blankets and brie. And cherry vodka.

And my boys, my (dis)loyal subjects.

Ryan (husband and the King of this castle) and I first met in kindergarten. We've been together since 2001, married since 2006. You can read our story beginning here.

Together, we have 2 court jesters/dirty rascals: Kadyn and Graysen. I am crazy about these boys and these boys drive me crazy!

Kadyn is stubborn and sweet, smart and silly, sassy and sneaky. He is a creative genius with an imagination that leaves me speechless almost every day. He loves Lego, Imaginext and Captain Underpants.

Graysen is a ham and cheese sandwich with extra, extra cheese. He is quiet and cuddly and loud and crazy. He is a toddler. (Enough said.) He loves Curious George, Woody and the Gang and cheese.

Other kingdom-dwellers include Belle the cat, Charlie the dog and Lola the gecko. (RIP Mickey the cat (6/12) and Joe the fish (1/13))

Manic Mama isn't a craft blog or a food blog, though we do craft and we also eat. Every day. There isn't anything special or unique about me or my family, though we are a special bunch and totally unique... just like every one else. 

This here blog is "my corner of the internet" where I say what I want about whatever happens to be on my mind when I sit in front of my MacBook. I don't sugar coat, I'm almost always sarcastic, super funny and (sometimes) I swear like a trucker. I'm not crunchy or granola but we do recycle and you WILL get a side eye from me if you buy bottled water or litter. I didn't breastfeed exclusively, I wore my second baby boy but not my first, we immunize on a delayed schedule but don't get flu shots. We are not vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant or gluten free though my boys won't touch a vegetable to save their lives.

We are just us.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a note at Rebecca (at) manicmama (dot) com.