Tuesday, December 3

My Husband: Kijiji McGuyver

I kind of hate Kijiji.

I love it. But I hate it.

I love finding perfectly good stuff on the cheap.

I love how there is SO much Ikea listed and how easy it is to talk the sellers down because, um, Ikea.

(I love/hate Ikea almost as much as I love/hate Kijiji)

I hate how every damn piece of furniture is 'antique,' 'vintage' and 'shabby chic'.

(It's not, in case you were unsure.)

I hate people who don't answer inquiries to their ads.

I hate people who pester you endlessly for an item you are selling only to not show up to pick it up.

I HATE the "Will you take $5 for this AND deliver it to me?" people.

And I specifically hate the douchecanoe who tried to sell a $400 faux leather sectional for $875.

That's right, Bucko, I'm onto you're game.

Kijiji makes me ragey.

Kijiji makes my husband McGuyver.

It started this past summer with Ryan selling his Kona Roast.

It wasn't my bike, I never rode it but I was still sad to see it go. She was a pretty thing.

Ryan sold it for a good price and then it was just a flurry of buying and selling and deal making.

He bought another bike, sold that, bought another, bought parts, bought golf clubs, bought a bag of random clubs, sold some of those for more than what he paid for the entire bag, bought some fishing gear and, I think, he bought and sold a least half a dozen more bikes and things.

He sold the weight bench and weights we bought off Kijiji last year. For more than what we paid plus a couple bottles of beer.

And now we own a 1996 Lincoln Continental.

Yup. We sure do.

Ryan was gifted a relic of a boat, not water worthy.

It could be. With $1000 worth of parts, a GOOD scrubbing and some beautification.

When it was in the water and running, she was a good looking boat and I would have loved to have taken the time to fix her up.

But we don't have the time, the money or the space.

So Ryan sold it for a 1996 Lincoln Continental.

A white one.

I hate white cars.

We're not keeping it.

Ryan just figured a boat with wheels :ahem: a running vehicle would sell easier than an un-water-worthy boat.

And so now he's wheeling and dealing for quads, sleds or a trailer.

And he wants to trade his bike. Again.

It's hard to do anything but laugh at the whole thing.

We are up, in both money and stuff.

And a small part of me is hoping for a repeat of the One Red Paperclip.

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