Tuesday, November 19

Life, You're a Funny Gal

I've posted, what? Three or four times in the last two months.

I fell into a depressing funk and was doing nothing with my life. I had nothing to write about.

Now I'm VP of Kadyn's school's parent association, I'm trying to get to the gym at least three times a week, Ryan's doing all sorts of McGuyvering on Kijiji, Kadyn is about to hit a huge milestone in his Jiu Jitsure training, Graysen's in gymnastics, both boys are in swimming lessons, I've got some other plans and projects and things in the works.....

In short, I have a ton of things going on and a ton of things to write about.

And not a single spare second to write any of it.

WHY has no one invented a Brain to Blogger device?


As I write this, sitting here sipping on Baileys spiked coffee and watching Curious George Christmas with Graysen, I should be at the gym.

I wish I was at the gym.

But it is minus too friggen cold and there is at least two feet of snow on the ground.

The other foot of snow is whipping and blowing around creating a wonderful sort of sharp-as-glass mist.

Spiked coffee, fuzzy blankets and a cute preschooler is it!

Truthfully, I need this pseudo day of rest. The last few weeks have been insane, there are little grey dots on every day in my iCal until the third week in December and half my January is already dotted with grey!! I'm close to scheduling no scheduling days.

Like this weekend where, hopefully, it will be nothing but snuggles, movies and some ugly sweater picture taking.


While I get to the reading and the writing and the snuggling, enjoy these rad internet findings:

(Womp! Womp! on that last one, right?)

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