Thursday, October 3

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Learning... the ropes of the being 'school mom'. I attended a school council establishment meeting earlier this week and I left so angry I was vibrating. I'm still worked up about it. I don't know why and I wish I wasn't. Assholes just make me very angry. I really hate the attitude of some of the parents, I hate they divide they've created amongst students even more. The whole thing is so aggravating that I really don't know if I want to fight the uphill, tooth and nail battle or just turn my head, take my kid to school and be done with it.

Growing... oh, so tired of diapers. I am so very ready to stop buying diapers, changing diapers, disposing of diapers. It's been six and half years straight of diapers. I am over it. But Graysen is not. He pretends to pee in the toilet, he's left one tiny smudge in his potty but it's a game to him and he's perfectly happy keeping it that way. That makes one of us. Changing him has become such a struggle that he hides from me and he's had rashes so bad, his poor bum has bled. But he still fights like a demon at every change. Given the struggles with Kadyn, I don't plan on training Graysen. But c'mon, kid! I promise I will buy you every Thomas Train there is with all the money saved from not needing diapers anymore!!

Buying... cold weather clothes and food. Cause those things go together, right? Autumn here lasts less than blink so I've been gathering winter garb for the boys and stocking our freezer with slow cooker fixings. As much as I loathe to admit it, because #summerforever, I am looking forward to boots and scarves and bowls full of piping hot deliciousness.

Loving... 'nuggles. Graysen is a champion 'nuggler and there is nothing on earth sweeter than hearing him say, "I want to 'nuggle you, Mom." I can't say no. I am forced to drop whatever I am doing, jump on the couch and wrap my arms around my baby boy. We have a quick 'nuggle session first thing in the morning and several throughout the day. We almost always end his day with a 'nuggle as well. It's rough, man. So rough.

Wishing... we could find a freaking sitter. We met with another girl on the weekend. She seemed alright. She said she would send me her references, I've heard nothing. After a YEAR of looking for a sitter and having so many girls either not respond at all or just sort of disappear, it's hard not to talk in personally. I mean, these ladies are on a website posting that they are looking for a job, yet they don't answer our messages. Frustrating, to say the least.

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