Tuesday, September 10

This is What Happens When You Blink

You find yourself, outta nowhere, Mama to a First Grader.

And you're looking around all confused wondering where the hell you've been and how in the world this happened.

I mean, look at this grown boy:

Gosh, he's handsome.

But so grown. It's crazy how much growing these kids do in just one year.

How did I not notice this until I looked into his gorgeous First Grader eyes last week!?!?

Too fast growing aside, I am excited to see what first grade brings.

We got the 'good teacher' - thankfully!! I like her already.

She seems very firm and full of discipline - in the best way possible - but also fun and funny and inviting. I get a good feeling from her and I think she and Kadyn will connect well.

She sent the sweetest little note home on the second day of school.

I awww'd ALLLL over that.

Not gonna lie though, I've felt several pangs of jealousy and longing looking into Kadyn's kinder classroom (which is right next door to his grade one class) and I teared up a little when we saw Kadyn's kinder teacher.

I missed her so much. I don't even care if that's silly.

Plus also, after two months away, she made sure to mention how much she enjoyed my end of the year gift.


Kadyn's original kinder EA is back this year and there was much hugging when we saw each other.

I'm happy to see these amazing ladies even if Kadyn isn't in their class.

The new kinders (who melt my heart with their tiny newness) better recognize how lucky they are!!

We all survived the first day  - and the whole first week. Kadyn even asked to stay at school for lunch this past Friday. An interesting switch since, at the end of kindergarten, Kadyn was adamant that he come home for lunch.

Summer daycamp, folks.

Such great 'training' for first grade.

When I sit back and think about all of this new school year stuff, a part of me feels like I am not sad enough, not nostalgic enough, not wanting to stop his growing enough.

I know a small part of that is due to the struggles Kadyn and I have had over the years, but most of it is an incredible amount of excitement.

There is SO much creativity and intelligence in that boy's body just screaming to get out. I am excited for him to learn to communicate his thoughts and feelings better (through art, writing, speaking, any way, really) and I'm excited for the growing creative abilities he will develop in first grade. I am bursting with anticipation for the school work he will bring home, the stories he will write, the projects he will dream up.

I know they will be amazing.

I miss my first born baby but I know this first grader of mine is destined for greatness.

I don't want to rush it but, man, I can't wait to see what he'll become.

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