Monday, September 30

Sharing is Caring v.23

  • Are we still going on about Miley? Good. Cause here's a post written (sort of) in response to her ghastly performance that one time on that awards show. I'd agree with Mother Cusser even if Miley hadn't foam finger fucked herself that one time on that awards show. The entire performance was terrible and embarrassing for everyone who participated. But it didn't ruin anyone. We seem to do a pretty good job of that all by ourselves.
  • Don't believe parents are the one to blame for Generation Whine? Have a gander at this. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?! How on earth can any one of those parents be MORE outraged by the outage of their kid's disgusting behaviour than their kid's disgusting behaviour?!? You can bet your ass my kid would be first in line to clean up what he senselessly destroyed. No way would I ever even consider suing the homeowner. 

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