Tuesday, September 17

G Turns Three

Right on the heels of his big bro starting first grade, my baby turned three.

I'm taking this as a personal attack since we agreed (read: I told him) he would be my baby forever.

Dressing himself, starting to self potty train and getting his own juice does not a baby make!!

My system has been shocked in the worst way by the quickness with which Graysen suddenly grew.

It wasn't until this past March that Graysen finally said, 'Mama.' Before that, he had about two dozen or so words in his repertoire.

Now he uses words like 'headphones', 'authority' and 'competition'. He speaks in full sentences. Sometimes paragraphs, even.

Not cool. Not at all.

The amount of growing Graysen has done in the last six months is shocking and amazing and far, far too much.

Gosh, he's adorable.

But he's definitely not a baby anymore. Or even a toddler.

He is a boy.

I catch myself staring at him daily.

He is such a character. So full of life and happiness. Silly and so, so sweet.

So incredibly sweet.

When I console him, he always rubs *my* back.

If someone else is hurt, Graysen is always the first one there with a hand on your shoulder, face right in your face asking what happened and if you're ok.

And he is almost ALWAYS up for a 'nuggle <--- Quite possibly my favorite thing about him.

I couldn't even begin to find adequate words to describe Graysen.

He is awesome and amazing and he makes my heart so, so happy.

Our birthday celebration on Sunday was all about the things Graysen loves: swimming, chicky fries, Thomas & Friends and Monsters Inc.

We hung out with our bestest friends and just enjoyed the day.

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