Thursday, September 26

Currently v.32

Leading... my squishy ass off the couch and out the door. I had planned to hit the gym hard when school started up for the year but a NASTY cough had other plans for me. Walking Kadyn the short distance to school would leave me in a fit of coughs, short of breath and exhausted. From all the coughing. I'm starting small with walks with the pooch, the small child and a friend, hopefully I can get back to something more serious next week.

Following... Graysen. Everywhere. Because he is three. And a boy. And three year old boys are maximum daredevils. The child is into EVERYTHING. The worst part is that he's old enough to know better and also old enough how to really get into shit. We have this stupid wire-ish shelving unit thing in our pseudo-pantry, there are 4 half shelves and one full shelf. The full shelf is at the top of the closet, maybe half a foot from the roof. Guess how far up the shelf monkey-boy Graysen climbs?

And guess who's figured out the door lock on his room?

And who, for the second time, tried to make eggs in my living room?

And has flushed no less than 4 toothbrushes?

The boy is insanity personified. Shit-disturber extraordinaire.

Sipping... prescription cough syrup. Only it's more of a 'chug as fast as humanly possible' than a 'sip'. Blech!! I picked up this nasty cough shortly after my trip last month AND came home to a sick Graysen. Those germy germs seemed to join forces and wreak some serious havoc on my body. After a month, I finally went to the doctor. I know, a month. My doctor gave me a look over that but I'm not the type to run to the doctor every time I cough or sniffle. A month of coughing and a few nights of not sleeping because I was too busy coughing until I couldn't breath definitely warranted a visit to the Doc. A few days of antibiotics and prescription cough medicine and I am finally starting to feel better.

Thinking... you should enter this giveaway. (Shameless plug. Yup.)

Smiling... at Kadyn. We are barely a month into school and I am near shocked by Kadyn's progress. He is a Master Pattern-er, he colors in the lines (even the small ones) with great precision, his penmanship is actually legible (and very near the right size), he is reading like a champ (when he actually focuses) and he is a great friend (most of the time) seemingly always the center of getting everyone together to play Rock, Paper, Scissors or Bubblegum, Bubblegum in a Dish. Or Star Wars.

Watching him makes me smile. He's quite the little man.


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