Monday, July 22

Sharing is Caring v.15

  • I've followed Rob Delany on Twitter for a while now. He is wildly inappropriate and often crosses the line. And not by a toe or a foot. By I giant, flaming leap. I think he is quite the funny guy. One of the things I enjoy most about Rob Delany is his ability to somehow be simultaneously offensive beyond belief and intelligent, open minded and well spoken. None of those qualities are mutually exclusive, of course. It's just unexpected to come across a man (or a woman for that matter) who writes stuff like this and then writes this.
  • Here's an interesting article on some recent autism research. 
  • And finally, because last week's Sharing is Caring was so, so depressing and yucky, here's a heart warming story from a beautiful, kind hearted woman and her ridiculously adorable ginger babies. Ladies named Rebecca are really awesome gals. 

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