Monday, July 15

Sharing is Caring v.14

  • Speechless doesn't even begin to describe how I was left after reading this. The amount of racism in this world breaks my heart. The fact that so many people don't even see it as a problem just doesn't compute in my head. I'm kind of a Big Brother fan and, if you are as well, you are well aware of the disgusting comments one of the house guests has been making. Repeatedly. Last night she 'apologized' to one of the girls her comments have been directed at. I'm from the South. She says. I don't mean what I say to be insulting, blah, blah, blah. Bullfuckingshit. First, yes, you are meaning to be insulting, rude and disgusting. Yes, you are. Second, what the bloody hell does being from the South have anything to do with anything?? I'm German. Doesn't mean I walk around in bed sheets praising Hitler. But I digress. I cannot wrap my head around skin color, country of origin, or anything in that realm translating to a person being less than. I don't understand why so many black men are imprisoned while white men go free for the same crime. I don't understand how two men kill someone and go free while a (black) woman goes to jail for twenty years for a warning shot that hurt no one. I don't understand any of that. And I never will. 

  • Articles like this make my jaw drop. They also make me feel so incredibly uneducated. I've heard of China's one child policy and the effect that has had on female babies but I did not know so many countries implemented forced sterilization. I had never even heard of eugenics until last week. WHAT. THE. HELL?! And then I read this and, again, speechless. Not only are there all kinds of wrong with eugenics and forced sterilization but why is it always women? By nature, women can only have one child every 9+ months (other than in the case of multiples.) But men, they could potentially create 9 babies an hour. If one was trying to control the population, wouldn't it make more sense to sterilize the gender who can create multiple babies a day rather than the gender who can only birth one a year? 

  • Are you sufficiently depressed and hating the world yet? No? Well, look no further than here to lose all faith in humanity. Seriously, humankind. Get your shit together. 

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