Tuesday, July 16

Project-Per-Month Project: Project 3

Holy shit balls did this project get outta hand.

That whole small, manageable projects you can complete in a month thing?

Right over my head. In one ear and out the other.

And now that's it been going on for so long, I don't even feel like writing about it, truth be told.

Bright side? You won't have to endure my super wordiness on this post.


The project: Living room/dining room/play room.

It's all one big open space so if you change one thing..... redecoration avalanche.

It all started with curtains.

The curtains were SUCH a dramatic change that the blah-ness of the rest of the space was amplified infinitely.

Next came pillows and lampshades.

Which brought out my stifled hatred for the icky large black box of a cabinet in the dining room.

So much so that that baby was on Kijiji by the end of the day and out of my house, SOLD, by the next day.


Bonus: I sold it for $10 less than the cost of the sideboard I wanted to replace it with.


Too many Ikea trips (and even a Goodwill trip that resulted in Ikea finds... smh....smh) later, I have a pretty lovely space that I enjoy so much more than I think I've ever enjoyed a space in my home.

(Foreword: Part of the reason this post took so long is because it is freaking hard to get good pictures in this space because a) the lighting sucks, b) it's the area we do most of our living in so it's almost never clean, clean for more than 5 minutes and c) good lighting and clean, clean pretty much NEVER happen at the same time. In short, these photos do the space no justice.)


I had to search my photos for before pictures since I didn't really take any (I snapped that couch shot mid-way through because I was pretty sure I didn't have a single picture of that area. There was a wall shelf with family photos on the wall before I started.) And I spent pretty much no time editing them. Because why?

And after:

I am IN LOVE with this gallery wall. Head over heels....

I'm still not sure about that canvas. I wanted something big but this ended up being BIG.

The empty frames now have clips hot glued to them and will display the boys' artwork as it comes home. 
Both sides of the toy shelf-slash-room divider

Pretty, right?

I am still fidgeting with things here and there - the trinkets in and on the sideboard, the bookshelf in the living room.... it's what I do - fidget with things.

I love how my things are displayed now though. Namely the things my grandmother passed on to me - that green cake stand, the white platter, crystal vase and egg cup - and the brown and blue bowl friends bought for me in Mexico. It used to be my fruit bowl but fruit covered too much of it up.

As for my $200 budget?


I spent close to that on spray paint alone.

The receipts are all over the place but here's what I can remember:

Curtains: $80 (4 panels)
Sideboard: $170 (paid for by the sale of our old cabinet)
Spray paint: $120+ (primer, color and sealant for 4 chairs, mirror frames and artwork frames)
Giant canvas: $189
Gallery wall frames: $100 (5 large frames)
Pillows/covers: $50 (3 pillows, 6 covers)
Mirror Frames: $30 (10 frames)
Artwork Frames: $20 (10 frames)
Plant stand: $40
Bird cage: $10
Boxes : $20 (3 boxes)
Lamp shades: $8 (2 shades)
Canisters: $13
Napkin holder $3
Napkins: $3
Wallpaper: $25
Hardboard $16
Plants: $13

So, so much Ikea.

Total, I spent around $800. Budget? Ha!  Right.

But I also did 3x the number of rooms I had planned to do. And the cost was spread out over 2 months. And and... I sold the old cabinet to buy the new one - which saved me almost $200.

I love the space a whole lot. I love it so much more than I've ever loved, well, any space in any of my homes. Considering the enormous change to the space, it was money well-spent.

July's project will be scaled way, waaaaaay back. Chances are it will actually be August's project because we are busy like whoa these days.

The project: I want to re-redo Graysen's room.

I wasn't happy with how I'd left it when I redid it last year. It's time to make that right.

I'm setting a budget of $100 but I hoping to only spend half that. You know, since this last project was the opposite of wallet-friendly.

I don't aim to REDO the whole room, just tweak it so it doesn't look like crap. We've been on the fence about taking the change table out and if we go ahead with that, we will need something to replace it with, bookshelf/storage wise. I wouldn't mind replacing the dresser either.

If I do that, I can sell the change table, dresser & hutch and nightstand to pay for replacements.

For replacements, I'm hoping for a Kijiji/garage sale find. I don't really like the polish of Graysen's room. I'd like it a bit shabbier. And I'd love to refinish some furniture. It's been years since I've done that.

Here's to a quick and easy July/August project!!

PS: Have you checked out Lindsey's bedroom makeover or Randalin's porch gorgeousness or Andrea's super cute and light wall update? Like, whoa, ladies! Beautiful work!!

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