Thursday, July 25

Currently v.27

Reviewing... my thoughts before I act. Normally I act, then think. I'm sure you can imagine how that sometimes goes for me. Not that I'm an asshole or a bull in a china shop, I just figure everyone knows where I'm coming from and will understand why I am doing what I'm doing. Not so. So I've been thinking my actions through before....actioning.

Wishing... for a new back. Or weekly massages. Or both. Both would be dreamy.

Eating... pulled pork, macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches. And yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. If not MORE delicious. I mean, HELLO!

Carrying... Graysen. Because he is mostly lazy. And sucky. And a bit sick. And I am a big fat sucker for it. At least I'm not as big of a sucker as Ryan. Ha!

Running... errands, errands, errands. Between our regular errands and all the running around I've been doing to get ready for our friends' wedding this weekend, I feel like I'm running crazy. On the bright side, I've only had to wrangle one kid through the endless running here and there and I've made time for silliness along the way. Which, let's be honest, helps BOTH of us get through boring errands a bit happier. Plus people stare at us being silly. I'm certain they're jealous that they don't get to have as much fun as we do.


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