Thursday, July 18

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Loving... Kadyn in full day camps. Kadyn is registered in day camps for six of eight weeks this summer, one half day and five full day. I could have signed the next dozen of his summers away at different day camps, there are so many I'd love to put him in. But six caused me enough anxiety and I did want some free summer time. We're just four days into his first full-day camp and I love it. 1.) It tuckers him the heck out, which, if you know Kadyn at all, is an impossibility. It's as rare as a Loch Ness sighting. 2.) He is meeting new friends, experiencing new things, learning new skills and having a blast. 3.) I get a ton of Graysen time. 4.) Kadyn and I get a break from each other. Kadyn and I love the shit out of each other. But with us, it's the best of times and it's the worst of times. Since things between him and I have been extra tense lately, the time apart is good for both of us.

Losing... my sunglasses every five minutes. I put things down absentmindedly - namely my sunglasses - and then can never remember where I put them. What I should do is put them away where they belong as soon as I walk in the door. But my routine when coming home is to drop everything (and it's somehow always arms full. Kids and their shit...), get the boys settled, then do my stuff. But, invariably, I always get distracted between getting the boys settled and my stuff.

Remembering... all the things. Like it's my job. Because it is. (Except my sunglasses.)

Clearing... my head at yoga. Even though I'm not going even close to half as much as I'd like. Or going to a good studio. I mean, seriously, people. Ya'll crashing and smashing about with you giant plastic risers really ruins my mojo. But, really, it's my fault for going to yoga at my gym instead of a real yoga place. The instructors are usually good but the people in the class? Um, no.

Picking... clothes for the wedding we're going to in nine days. Still. Ryan needs a shirt, Kadyn needs shorts (I know exactly what I want, it's just a matter of driving across town to get it. And hoping they have his size in stock.) and I need shoes. (I want, want, want these but all they have is a size six and I'm a seven. I have back up shoes but I want the yellow ones.) I also need a little clutch or wristlet but I need shoes first. And bag shopping....ugh. Does everything HAVE to be bejewelled and/or riveted?


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