Thursday, July 4

Currently v.24

Loving... THE HEAT! Summer has finally hit, in full force, and I am soaking it up. Literally. Soaking in sweat. It's wonderful. The heat. Not the sweat. We hit 35+ degrees this week. And I might have been the only person NOT complaining. Wusses.

Craving... hardcore physical activity. But I'm too lazy to do it. Cause that makes sense, right? I'm one of those people. The ones who truly do love working out - like REAL working out. I LOVE being sore the next day and crash landing on the toilet after leg day. (feelsgoodman.jpg) But I never get to the gym. And it's dumb because I pay for a membership. I don't know why (or how) I can love something so much but be so damn lazy about it. It makes no sense whatsoever.

I'm making it a mission to go at least 5 times next week. Kadyn isn't in camp and I already have paid childcare at the in-house daycare. NO EXCUSES!

(Plus last month, when Ryan was gone for almost 3 weeks straight, I coped by stuffing my face with chocolate and ice cream. My jeans are NOT impressed.)

Missing... alone time. I would love to warp to a realm where my life was completely different - no husband or kids, just me. Kickin' it. Being rad. You know. I always feel attached. Because I am. A break from that sounds so, so nice. But it would need to be a realm where I wasn't aware of reality while I was there. Otherwise I would spend the whole time thinking about and missing my attachments.

Listening... to kids. My kids, the neighbour's kids, the kids down the street. There are a couple families a few doors down from us who have lived here for at least 30 years - actually most of our neighbours have been here that long. Their kids are grown and now have their own kids and they all hang around here just about all summer. And they legit play outside. Like, all day. It's a pretty great group of kids (Graysen has a big time crush on one of the girls) and it's just all around awesome.

Wishing... For more hours in the day.  We're almost through the first week of summer vacation and I am running about two weeks behind. We've been spending more time outside, more time playing, more time out and away from the house which means A LOT is being neglected. A LOT. I mean, it's ok. Things are being neglected in favour of fun and family time but still......barely treading water here, folks!


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