Friday, July 12

Conversations with Kadyn...

When we wake Kadyn for his middle of the night toilet run, we never know what we're going to get.

There's a 40% chance he'll groggily stumble to the bathroom, pee and groggily stumble back to bed.

There is a 40% chance he will lose his flipping mind, refuse to pee and either Ryan or I will have to argue/negotiate/force him back to bed.

About 7-10% of the time Kadyn is moderately fussy and fully asleep and he'll pee someone between his bed and the toilet. Often on the floor right beside the toilet.

The rest of the time, the kid is funny as fuck.

Like this time:

Kadyn had made it to the bathroom and in front of the toilet, aim right on the money.

While he peed, he let out a little toot.

He giggled.

We get back into his room and as he is climbing into bed, Kadyn starts messing with his shorts.

Mama: What's up?

Kadyn: My shorts are wet.

Mama: Did you dribble?

Kadyn. I think so. *yawn* It's really annoying my butt.

(Whenever he says 'butt', he always emphasizes the 'tt' sound in the funniest way.)

Mama: Are you gonna be ok?

Kadyn: *shakes head no*

Mama: Really?

Kadyn: I think I need new shorts.

Mama: Ok.

Kadyn gets out of bed to change his shorts and, as he's bending over to take his wet shorts off, he toots again.

Then Kadyn outright GUFFAWS at himself.

Which made me giggle.

Mama: You're ridiculous.

Kadyn: *nonchalantly walking over to his clothes hamper to deposit his shorts* I know. That's why they call me Kadyn.

Oh, child......

New shorts on, Kadyn climbs into bed, yawns, and sleepily tells me he's not even tired.

Before I reach his door, out like a light.

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