Tuesday, June 11

This is Just the Beginning

The Tooth Fairy paid our home a visit over the weekend.

A certain medium-sized boy lost his very first tooth!!

Kadyn packaged his tooth up in an envelope and tucked it under his pillow - supremely STOKED for the the quarter he was sure would be traded for his tooth.

Boy! Was he surprised to find an (un)crisp fiver and a fancy certificate commemorating his first tooth loss Monday morning!

Ryan and I decided the first tooth was worth five bucks. The rest will earn him a dollar, two dollars for each of his top front teeth and three if he loses two at once.

What does the Tooth Fairy bring your kids for their chompers??


This whole tooth thing kinda took me back.

Well, the tooth and the end of Kadyn's first school year.

Wrongly, SO wrongly, I sort of assumed the time of great milestones was over for Kadyn.

The first five years are filled with SO much growth and development. They go from tiny, helpless  babies who do nothing but eat, sleep and poop, to small children who walk, talk and get their own juice.

That's HUGE!

But so is learning to print, reading, riding a two wheeler. And losing a tooth.

The change in Kadyn from September to now is.....well, crazy.

I thought he was a boy when he started school. He wasn't. He was still a little kid.

Now, he is a BOY. 

Full out.

He can read full sentences, he can spell short words all by himself, he's working on two-wheelin'.

He has friends. Relationships that go beyond the playdates and get-togethers he had with pals before school.

There are inside jokes, superhero names, code words.

He is a budding artist. A cool cat musician.

The person Kadyn has become over the last 10 months takes my breath away.

He is such an amazing kid.

He is going to do great things one day.

He is doing great things today.

And he has so many great milestones ahead.

This is just the beginning.

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