Thursday, June 20

Currently v.22

Capturing... moments with my iPhone. Which really isn't a good thing. I haven't been using my real camera, instead opting for the way easier Instragram to capture moments. It's out of exhaustion and laziness. And it's a very bad habit I've fallen into. It's also a touch of camera envy. Ever since I starting these photo courses, I've been dreaming of a real, live pro camera. No way is that in the budget any time soon.

Releasing... can we put a "(Trying to)" in front of this one? Because that's where I'm at. I am trying to release negativity from my life. Mostly the kind that sneaks into my head far too often. I'm your classic over thinker. Which leads to holding on to things that should be long, long gone from my brain. But they are not. I'm trying....

Sending... packages of love to sweet friends. Again, please insert "(Trying to)" in front of this one. I am close though! Super close!! But still so, so, so overdue. And it makes me feel like a mondo-sized asshole. As I should. I mean, seriously.

Mending... If I had actually picked up any of the broken clothing items in my house, dug my sewing kit out of my closet and mashed the two of them together in some sort of useful way, I might have something to say here.

Recommending... This was a tough one! I wanted to recommend a blog that I hadn't yet gushed about, perhaps even a little hidden gem of words that hasn't yet hit the main highways of the blogosphere. But I failing hardcore on the reading these days. I feel full of shame for that. So instead I will recommend a not so little blog that I haven't yet gushed about (one outta two ain't bad.)

I'm relatively new to Stay at Home Pundit and the lovely Rebekah, who writes the gloriously loud-mouthed rants on her newly relaunched blog. (She used to internet as Mom-in-a-Million.) I'm not hugely into politics. Ok. I'm not into politics AT ALL. (Though I should be. For serious.) And many of the topics are US-focused (for obvious reasons) but I love her well-educated and well-spoken snark. And, as a pretty durn liberal person myself, I agree with pretty much all of her opinions. And we all know the best friends are the friends who never disagree with us, right?

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