Thursday, June 13

Currently v.21

Building... Lego. It's rare that a day goes by without some sort of Lego building. Though for the past few weeks it's only been Graysen's Duplo that's gotten any play. Since Kadyn's lost all his bricks. We also visited the Lego store that just opened in our city. I think my expectations were a little too high. They did have a TON of very cool Lego that you can't buy anywhere other than the online Lego store but nothing all that fancy.

Womp. Womp.

Forming... opinions about people I haven't met. You know when someone tells you someone else is a bitch (but they still like them) but you - honest to goodness - don't let it cloud your judgement of said person, then you interact with them in a Facebook message and they are, in fact, a complete bitch? Yeah, that.

Sharing... my bed. Ryan was gone for 13 days. Which meant I had the whole bed to myself. Which is good since my preferred sleeping position is the Diagonal Starfish. Ryan was home for a few days so the Diagonal Starfish was out and the Snuggly Spoon was in.

And now he's gone again so Diagonal Starfish is back!! Bittersweet sleeping arrangements.... Ha!

Dreading... the end of the school year. But not really for the obvious reasons. I mean, it will kind of suck to be out of routine since Kadyn loves school so much. But the main reason I'm dreading it is because I love Kadyn's teacher and I will be so sad to lose her.

Singing... in the rain. It's been grey and drizzly and soggy almost all week. I love the rain and I LOVE a good thunderstorm but I also really love hot sunshine. We need some more of that. STAT.

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