Thursday, June 6

Currently v.20

Coveting... homeowners. I want to be one. We are making decent progress towards it but the market in this city is bullocks. So overpriced and ridiculous. And I still want to gee tee eff oh of this place. (That's looking more and more unlikely everyday.) I just want a bigger yard where I can do actual stuff, paint some walls and not live in a townhouse with sucky neighbours righttherenexttousbeingallloudandobnoxious.

Imagining... my life as a professional photog. There have been a few random moments lately where the  universe has given me a clear sign that photography is what I should be doing. I am so excited to build my business! I've got a name, I bought the domains, set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account - though there is NOTHING on any of them, ha!

Next steps are practicing, practicing, practicing, building a portfolio, getting a logo and designing my website. Eek!!!

Asking... for help. I am waving the white flag. I don't know how to handle whatever is going on with Kadyn, everything I am doing is NOT working and we simply cannot continue this way. I emailed a family counselling centre and hope to book an appointment ASAP.

Saving for... Simcoe in August!! And extra ticket was offered my way a while ago, I figured it was but a dream. And I was holding out for a family trip. Unfortunately the family trip I'd been dreaming of just isn't in the cards and Ryan all but insisted I go. It's been a ROUGH AS HELL few weeks (months, really) and, even though it's 3 months away, I could really use the escape.

Plus Mumford & Sons headlining an outdoor festival? Um, YES PLEASE!!

Fearing... summer break. I so very much hope we can sort this thing with Kadyn out very, very soon.  Otherwise this summer is going to be absolutely brutal. And that is so not what I had in mind.

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