Wednesday, May 1

Project-per-month PROJECT: Project 1 Reveal and Project 2

Wut!! Wut!!!

I have to say, I adore Lindsey and her PPM Project.

For too long, I've done nothing in this house - because we were supposed to be moseying on our way 18 months ago and because it all seemed so overwhelming, trying to make a house the way I want it when I can't paint, can't do anything permanent and don't want to spend a lot of money - because it's not permanent.

But these little month-long projects have me JAZZED!

Manageable yet impactful.

(I feel like that last sentence needs a little twinkle on the end of it. Like the *ting* dishwasher solution commercials.)


I started with this:


And now I have this:

I like it MUCH better.

Though I am thoroughly embarrassed by how much Ikea is in this one small corner of our room.

Because it is extremely indicative of the rest of our house.

(To convey to utter Ikeaness of my house I once said to someone, "I am sitting on my couch, with my feet on my Ikea coffee table, watching my TV that sits upon an Ikea TV bench. Next to that is an Ikea bookshelf and an Ikea wall shelf. Ikea picture frames sit upon both. To my left is an Ikea shelf that houses toys and my children are sitting on Ikea kids chairs at an Ikea kids table. Above that are more Ikea picture frames on Ikea picture ledges. And as my gaze drifts to our dining room, I see an Ikea table with four Ikea chairs. There are fresh flowers in an Ikea vase and Ikea napkins in an Ikea napkin holder. Behind the table and chairs is an Ikea cabinet which houses more Ikea vases, candles and other trinkets.....

Disgusting, right?)

I don't hate Ikea. I just wish my house wasn't so full of it.

But it's cheap and convenient and I don't DIE when the boys take a wrench to it. Like they did to the TV bench. And the last coffee table.

I dream of home ownership days where I have countless hours to scour thrift shops and one of a kind furniture stores and space to refinish dumpster finds and such.

One day, we will be Ikea free....Oh, yes.

Back to the project.

It's not entirely complete.

I couldn't come up with something to put on that canvas.

I had a few ideas wafting around but one of them went to the trio frame next to the canvas and I just have not had time to get the paint colors I want or sit down and paint something.

I might even revamp those two on the right. I'm not sure how they sit with me just yet.

(I'm hoping to have family photos done soon and if they turn out as splendid as our holiday photos did, done deal!!)

But I REFUSE to rush this or settle. Even if it is a MONTHLY project.

So I've left it ever so slightly unfinished.

I also went over budget. Even though I purchased very little.

Shockingly, everything I purchased is from......IKEA!

The two lamps, bamboo, vase and rocks and large print on the left totalled about $70.

The rest I had kicking around the house, waiting to be used.

I think my favorite part of this is the glass bowl.

My grandmother gave this to me years and years ago and, until recently, it's always been on my dresser.

When we bought this dresser, I put the bowl in the top drawer because there just wasn't room on top.

But I wasn't happy about it.

I am very happy it once again resides on top.

And now onto Project Two: The Living Room.

Specifically the curtains.

Can I tell you a secret?

I kinda already started this project. But only just.

I snapped these quickly before I put up the new curtains.

I didn't feel like putting the old things back up just to take a picture.

But, in case you'd like to kill the cat, here they are:

Those babies are nine and a half years old.


I've never liked them but, at the time, I had A TON of window to cover and no money.

When we moved into our current house, I had intended to replace them.

But I couldn't find anything I liked for less than $100/panel and I need 4 panels.

Guess where I found new curtains?

Go on, guess?

Since I already know what my new curtains look like, I know I'm going to want to buy new pillows and new lampshades - that one in the right corner is busted anyway. And I don't love the way the pictures are currently arranged.

I think I might be over the wall shelf as well.


  • new curtains (purchased) and possibly new finials for the rod
  • new lamp shades
  • new pillow covers (I never liked the ones that came with the couch)
  • rearrange the pictures/add new ones

I'm setting a budget of $200 for this because I already spent $80 the curtains. Plus I'd like to be under budget this month.

Fingers crossed!!

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