Thursday, May 30

Currently v.19

Borrowing... eggs from the neighbours. The boys asked for pancakes for dinner last week and Ryan was too far into making them before he realized we didn't have any eggs. So he went a couple doors down to a neighbour we know and asked to borrow an egg.

Made me smile from ear to ear.

I was sure those days were gone.

Dancing... anytime, any place. Ryan's a big ol' mud stick but the boys and I burst into song and dance for any reason. Or no reason at all. Because why not?

Building... my dining room. I need to reel myself in majorly for my next Project Per Month project. Because this one spiralled WAY out of control. I love it but oh, man. Good bye budget, time and sanity....

Throwing... old clothes OUT of my closet. It's a little bit silly the way I hold on to clothes. I have clothes from before Ryan and I married. They aren't anything special or designer or fancy or ANYTHING other than clothes I quite liked and then could wear because I got pregnant and gained 80 pounds. I'm done popping babies and I fit into all those clothes again but am I actually going to wear any of them?

No. I am not.


Buying... clothes!! Ha! The two weeds I call children constantly need clothes. Constantly. I'm pretty well back to my pre-baby size (though not shape. :sad panda:) so I need clothes also. And Ryan feels left out and raggedy so he needs clothes, too. (Really he does, though.) So that means shopping for me!!!!

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