Thursday, May 16

Currently v.17

Hoping... I can make the plans in my head into actual real, live things. Everything from my living/dining/play room makeover to the business I am in the very, very, very, VERY beginning stages of starting. I feel like I'm in a sort of put up or shut up space right now and I hope I can put up. I'm realy not so good at the shutting up.

Reading... up on web hosting and design. And losing a bit of my mind with each word I read. I think I'm a reasonably smart person but all this stuff makes me feel like a Grade A moron. Condescending asshole tech support jerkfaces don't help. I've thought about just hiring a pro and paying him/her to do it all but them I'm stuck paying someone to help me whenever there is a problem and I'd like to not do that.

Wearing... Sandals and tank tops and shorts, oh my!!! We've had a couple brutally hot days lately and it is AWESOME!!  Well, it kinda blew chunks because I was sick and 30C temps while SUPER congested is what I imagine hell to be like but I REFUSED to complain because winter is the evilest of evils and I hate it with all my summer-loving heart. You can complain about winter, you can complain about summer but you cannot complain about both.

Making... simple, beautiful spaces. We cleaned up the yard and I planted some flowers last weekend. EEK!! YAY!!! And I'm plugging away at my main floor makeover. What a freaking difference!! I've had this feeling of simplicity in my life lately and it's transferring over into our home - quite nicely, too, I have to say. I feel so much more comfortable and happy in our home. I can't wait to finish and enjoy.

Playing... this weird kissing game with Graysen. It's hilarious!! Graysen leans in for a kiss, I lean in and JUST as we're about to kiss, he pulls his head back and says, 'uh-uh!' Then I pretend to cry because he didn't kiss me, he pretends to be all sad and empathetic, then he kisses my head (or he gets Kadyn to kiss me) and I pop up all happy. Rinse and repeat x infinity. The best part is when Graysen gets Kadyn and shows him I'm crying and Kadyn says, "You have to kiss 'er, Graysen. See, like this... :SMOOCH:" It's just really awesome. I love these little made up games that the boys and I have.


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