Monday, April 8

The Project-per-Month Project!

I'm jumping on Lindsey's project wagon - at least for this month....

I've been feeling rather blah about our space but, since we don't own and are hoping/planning to move in a year or so, I'm just not all that inclined to spend time coming up with inexpensive, non-permanent and moveable decor solutions.


So I've decided to tackle our dresser and surrounding area.

How gross and boring is that?

It's usually FAR messier than that with receipts and tags, random boy things, random mom things, change, anything, everything...

We bought this dresser maybe a year ago. I just threw those frames on top and hung the flowers (from our wedding) on a nail that was in the wall from a picture we hung with our old dressers.

And that is how it's stayed.

I don't really have any inspiration or plan....just make it better.

My goals:

  • Fix that ridiculous wall - hang the pictures in an interesting and eye-catching manner.
  • Find some fake flowers that don't suck. I'd prefer a live plant but the orchid I had in there is dead.
  • Search my house for a couple decorative pieces to put on the dresser - because I know I have TONS.
  • Spend no more than $40.
HA. HA. HA. on that last goal. Right.

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