Monday, April 1

Hoppy Easter!!

Super lame title, right?

I wasn't planning to do anything for Easter.

We're not really Easter people.

Then Kadyn asked about the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt and BOOM!

Mom guilt.

So I scurried around Saturday afternoon looking for some simple Easter treats that didn't suck.

The boys ended up spending the night at a friend's place - a sleepover Mama was NOT prepared for - so the Sunday morning egg hunt didn't end up happening until 1 in the afternoon.

And was preceded by tantrums, meltdowns and arguments.

Because that's what happens when your kids sleepover at someone's house, stay up all bloody night and wake up before the sun.

Well, that's what happens to Kadyn anyway. Graysen was the first one out and one of the last up.

Regardless of Kadyn's surly attitude, the sun was shining, it was a beautiful day and I was determined to enjoy it.

Damn it!!

After the hunt, we sloshed through the dog park.

I had fun!!

Course I was the only one wearing rubber boots.

Poor Graysen fell in the mud before we got out of the parking lot and then ended up on his bum again when an over-anxious pup tried to run through him.

Kadyn had no less than 5 tantrums in the 45 minutes we were there.

Oh, how much fun is a five year old full of sugar and lacking sleep!?!


I impressed myself by throwing together a pretty decent prime rib dinner and we ended the day with family movie time - Rise of the Guardians!

(I am SO crushing on Jack Frost.)

Graysen got his second (or maybe fifth) wind right before bedtime but Kadyn crashed HARD and just wanted snuggles - super rare for him for enjoyed immensely by Ryan and I.

Today is the last day of Spring/Easter break - we survived!!

I was planing on doing some major cleaning/readying for spring (since it's finally arrived) but it's mid-afternoon and all I've done is eat a giant double chocolate muffin.


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