Friday, April 12

Conversations with Kadyn...

Kadyn: What does "ciao" mean?

Mama: It means good bye.

Kadyn: Oh.

Mama: Ciao, Bella!

Kadyn: What does that mean?

Mama: Good bye, beautiful.

Kadyn: Oh. Ciao, Bella!

Mama: Yup! Good job, bud! You can add a kiss at the end, too. Kiss your fingers like this *smooch* then send the kiss to your bella.

Kadyn: Oh. Ciao, Bella! *SMOOCH!*

Mama: Haha! Nice! You should say that to Mrs. K tomorrow before you go out for recess.

Kadyn: *sly smirk*

Mama: And Mrs. H.

Kadyn: NO!

Mama: Why not?

Kadyn: Cause she's an old lady and I don't kiss old ladies!!

Mama: Isn't Mrs K an old lady?

Kadyn: No. *sly smirk*

Mama: Ooooh....she's not?

Kadyn: No. *sly smirk*

Mama: Do you think she's beautiful?

Kadyn: Yeah.....she's boodiful....

Mama: Haha! Aw!

Kadyn: *stroking my chin with his thumb* You're boodiful, too, my little muffin chumps.

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