Thursday, March 7

Currently v.7

Eating... soup. I is sick, sick, sick. :sadface: And I'm really angry about it! This is the first time I've been sick since August of last year - and even that wasn't a germ-related sickness. I made it through the beginning of school, the flu outbreak in Kadyn's class just before Christmas (that literally took out half the class), three volunteer days at school and cold and flu season (flu shot-less, I might add) without getting sick.

March comes around and BOOM! Sick. I even mostly lost my voice for part of Monday. (Despite my initial panic, it really wasn't that bad at all.)

The best part of being sick is my 'chicken soup'

Mmmmm! I love me some wor wanton when I am under the weather.

Drinking... a lot of tea.

I love a good cuppa tea now and then, even more so when I have a scratchy sore throat. I can't really do cough drops because they make me sick, there's only one kind I can handle but even those I have to spit out halfway through, so yummy hot tea does the trick. I'm partial to Tetley's Chocolate Chai and David's Tea Chocolate Rocket but, really, I'm not sure I've ever met a tea I didn't like.

I also drank some Emergen-C for the first time ever. Holy yuck!! Unfortunately I think it helped so I may have to choke some down again.

That stuff is effervescently nasty.

If we had any whiskey around these parts, I'd be shootin' that like a sailor. I SWEAR by a shot of the strong stuff for sore throats. More than once I've downed an ounce or two before bed, slept like a rock and woke up right as rain.

Sure as hell beats Buckely's. Which tastes awful and DOESN'T work.

Listening... to my little man say mom. Yup, still in love with that.

Reading... I'm so not going there this week. It's fifty shades of embarrassing. And probably twice as many shades of pathetic.

Thinking... about friendships. And how easily seemingly strong ones can fall apart. And how no matter how close, chances are you never really know someone. Or maybe you just had it in your head that they were a certain way when they really are not. Or maybe they showed you who they are and you ignored it. Maybe you expect too much. Maybe, maybe, maybe....

What about you? What are you currently up to?


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