Thursday, March 28

Currently v.10

Feeling... a whole bunch of stuff and things. Honestly, I'm sick of feelings. I feel like I've spent the last 6 months thinking about and analyzing my feelings and I'm just over it. At the same time - because I am nothing if not one giant contradiction - I've started reading some self-help books on anger, self-awareness and parenting so I'm still thinking and analyzing the crap outta myself and every little thing I think, feel, say and do.

Imagining... Summer. Given the dumping of snow we got last week, imagining summer is about as close as I think I'm going to get. Though the sun has been a-shining lately and that's pretty wonderful. Except this much sun is trickery. It should be warmer and snow-less, but it is not. It's still negative double digits in the morning!!

Considering... relocating. It's something Ryan and I have talked about since before we were married. I'm not sure we would have stayed in this city had we not come back from our honeymoon knocked up and I haven't been happy here for a long, long time. To be honest, I think this city kinda sucks. The biggest obstacle is Ryan's job. I thought a transfer might be a possibility but it might not be and, unfortunately, his job might keep us here.

Listening to... Mumford & Sons. Both Sigh No More and Babel. I first saw these guys on an awards show a few years ago and I was instantly in love. Their 2013 tour stops in my city in a couple months and I'm really hoping to score a couple tickets.

Moving... my money maker!!! The boys LOVE to dance, not a day goes by where one or both of them isn't shaking their booty to some tune or jingle. It's just not possible to not join in.

And you? What you are imagining? Listening to anything good??


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