Friday, March 22

Conversations with Kadyn...

Kadyn: Mom, what's the sign over there with police?

Mama: It's a billboard.

Kadyn: A billboard?

Mama: Yes, the police are recruiting. They want to hire more police officers.

Kadyn: Oh. Well when I grow up, I'm going to be a police officer.

Mama: Are you?

Kadyn: Uh huh. I'm going to look at that sign and then go to the police station and tell them to give me a job so I can earn money.

Mama: Ah. Sounds like a good plan, bud.

Kadyn: Yeah.....

*Brief pause*

Kadyn: I remember when I was a baby.....those were good times.....sigh.....

Mama: You do?

Kadyn: Uh huh. I remember when I was three. Ah, the happy times. And then I was four and those were happy times too. And now I'm FIVE!!!

Mama: Well, ok then.....

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