Friday, March 15

Conversations with Kadyn...

Kadyn's been doubling up on lunches lately.

That, and the fact that all his jeans have become flood pants, tells me we are in for a growth spurt.

Kadyn: Mom, I want another sandwich and some more strawberries, please.

Mom: Alright let's go. You can help this time.

Kadyn: OK! I'll make my sandwich and you cut the strawberries.

Mom: Sounds good. Put one slice of turkey and once slice of ham on top of the cheese. You'll have to fold each piece in half.

Kadyn: Alright! One piece of turkey! *slap* And one piece of ham! *slap*

Mom: Nice work, bud!

Kadyn: Yeah! Who says a man can't fold his own meat.

No comment from mom.

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