Monday, February 11

DIY Valentine

Can I just stop for minute to sink into the fact that this is Kadyn's first Valentine's Day at school?


I remember my elementary Valentine's Days.

Kid-made 'mailboxes' made of paper bags taped to our desks, we'd all walk around the classroom delivering our cards, then we'd race back to our desks to see what we got.

And if our crush gave us a special card.

Sigh....David Bellingham.....double sigh....

I can't believe I have a kid doing this!!

Kadyn already told me he has three girlfriends. THREE!!!

Luckily for Kadyn, and his girlfriends, the girls he's bestowed his 5 year old heart on are very sweet little ladies. I can see why he chose them.

Except for one. 

She's a great girl - lots of spunk and a great dancer. But I'm told she has a thing with another boy in class.

You best not be breaking my boy's heart, Miss T!!

I asked Kadyn if he wanted to make cards or buy them. He elected to make them.

I browsed Pinterest but couldn't find a thing that I wouldn't want to take over and be all anal about.

So I decided to come up with something that I would be okay letting Kadyn help with.

(Yes, I very much realize how ridiculous I am.)

I was inspired by the box of Annie's Bunnies we have that the boys won't touch.

What kind of kids gobble up cheddar bunnies like they've never in their lives seen food before but won't touch the honey or chocolate bunnies??


So we have this box of bunnies.

A perfect compliment to some sweet hearts.

Originally, my plan was to punch out 30 hearts, print out 30 "For some bunny special" then cut, glue and tie it all together.

Then I found all these cute little (never before used) stamps in my scrapbooking stash.

This is where I turn a very simple project into hours and hours and hours of frustration.

I set up my printer, Cricut, paper, stamps, ink pads, ribbon, bunnies, scissors, glue sticks and sat down in front of it all.

Then I had a chat with myself.

"Rebecca. Don't be stupid. These are KADYN'S Valentine's. And they are for Kindergarteners. Most of them probably won't make it out of the classroom in one piece. Plus you have a 2 year old running around wanting to be all in all this stuff. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Don't fuck this up."

I settled on hearts with stamps.

That's it.

Kadyn could do almost all the work this way and that was the whole point of this project.

And so we have Kadyn's first ever Valentine's Day cards:

Here's what we used:

  • Cricut with the George and Basic Shapes cartridge
  • Red and pink card stock
  • Cute little stamps
  • Brown ink
  • White ink
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil
  • Red curling ribbon
  • Bunny Grahams

Start by cutting out your hearts. I did thirty 4 inch hearts.

(Yay! for using my Cricut for the first time this decade!!)

I used a plain old single hole punch for the hole on the left.

Then stamp!

When the ink was dry, I had Kadyn write a classmates name and his name on each heart.

Then I tied a heart to a package of Bunny Grahams with a piece of red curling ribbon.


I know these aren't fancy pants Valentine's cards.

Truthfully, I thought the finished product was a little lackluster and I wished I would have cut smaller hearts out of a complimentary paper to glue on top of the big hearts to give them some depth....or something.

But, the thing is, Kadyn made these.

I am ALLLLLL about being impressive when it's clear it's from me.

But sending my kid to school with cards that he obviously had NOTHING to do with would make me feel like a pretentious asshole.

It's not like a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds would even appreciate my hard work anyway.


  1. I love them!! I just went the store bought crap route. Ha! :)

  2. I love them!! I just went the store bought crap route. Ha! :)