Thursday, February 28

Currently v.6

Visiting... Insanityville? Ryan's been working like a dog lately and it's been rough. Two four-day, back-to-back out of town jobs (with only 1 day off in between) and then working straight through 12+ hour days in town, plus a night shift. Which means he basically comes home *just* in time to put the boys to bed, then he eats a late dinner and passes out on the couch while I watch RHOBH.

Not so awesome.

Even though Ryan works his tail off pretty much always, he still does a lot around here - even if it's just occupying the boys so I can get stuff done. It's been really tough being solo so much. And it's been really tough seeing Ryan so exhausted.

Working... on getting things together. All the things. I've got Spring Fever. BAD. And that means PURGE! CLEAN! ORGANIZE! Last week we did a Goodwill run and a recycle/trash run and we are close to another Goodwill run. Possibly two if I have my way. I've been going through all our cupboards, drawers, closets and dressers, I sorted and reorganized my hand-me-down stash...basically I've been making my way through the entire house cleaning, organizing and getting rid of junk and clutter.


Creating... Nothing. BOOOOOO!!!!! I've had no time. But I do have plans to make myself a nifty little light box. And I'm dreaming of creating a small studio space for myself. If only....

Loving... my new boots!! I scored two pairs of boots from Spring, delivered to my door for only $90!! I was a little chapped when one of the boots showed up in the wrong color and a call to customer service resulted in, well, nothing (turns out 'brown' is used for several shades of brown and it all just makes no sense at all) but I decided to keep both pairs because you can never have too many pairs of boots. And they were only $45.

Missing... My husband. Again. Story of my life...

What are you visiting, working, creating, loving and missing this week?


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