Thursday, February 14

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Loving... Love. Cheese to the max, right? I'm not one of those women who expects to be showered with lavish gifts just because it's the 14th day of the second month of the year. But I'm not anti-Valentine's Day either. Today, I'll be donning some rose coloured glasses, eating some sweets with my sweets and loving on my loves. Ah, love....

Dreaming... of my husband. He is out of town. Womp. Womp. I've been craving him lately. Wanting nothing more than to toss the kids in bed asap and curl up on the couch with my man. I would love, love, love a solid 24 hours with just my husband, kid-free. I wouldn't care where we went or what we did as long as we could spend the entire morning in bed. Remember before you had kids, you'd wake up on Sunday morning and just lay there, for hours? Yeah, THAT is what I'm dreaming of.

Admiring... I am totally stumped on this one. Is that bad? There isn't anyone in my life who I ADMIRE and when I think of famous people, I don't feel like I know them well enough (or at all) to admire them. I tried to think of something witty, nada. I tried to think of some epic role model, nada. The more I thought about, the more existential the whole thing became and that's way too heavy for me right now.

You know who I admire? My boys. And all children, really. (Well, almost.) I admire their carefreeness, their lack of judgement, their spirit, their silliness. I love that children have none of those icky things that makes us adults all sucky.

Kissing... My sweet boys. As much as I possibly can. Whether they like it or not. Smoochy, smoochy, smooch!!

Gifting... Homemade Bunny-tines!

PS The loverly Miss Brandy of Heart & Habit featured me yesterday in her MOM TIME OUT series. If you didn't already, you should definitely CHECK IT OUT!


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