Friday, February 1

Conversations with Kadyn...

A couple weeks ago, Kadyn spiked a 101 degree fever, out of nowhere.

He had been complaining about his stomach and telling me he needed to 'rest his bones.'

I carried the poor boy up to his bed and tucked him in.

The fact that he went to bed before 7 pm with no bath meant that he REALLY was not feeling well.

In the hour between me taking him to bed and Ryan getting home, his fever had gone up another degree.

I asked Kadyn again what was wrong, what he was feeling.

Kadyn: My tummy hurts.

Mama: What does it feel like?

Kadyn: usually feels like donuts but right now it feels like broccoli.

He giggled and fell asleep.

(He woke up the next morning completely fine. Thank goodness!)

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