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The Story of Us Part VI

August 6, 2012 marked 11 years together for Ryan and me.

Eleven years together, six of those married.

I love our story.

From the first 18 years of chance meetings and unbelievable coincidences to the last six years of marriage, parenthood and figuring out, well, everything.

I never want to forget how we came to be or all that we've been through to get here.

Catch up with Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, Part IV here, and Part V here.


A super quick note on last week's instalment: I very much appreciate all the comments and sympathy from everyone, I really do! (I was especially happy to find out that I am not the only bride who ordered her dress from a picture!) But please know I was not looking for sympathy. I wanted to leave all of that nonsense out completely but then it wouldn't be our story. I am sad over how things when down that day but it was 6 years ago. I can't change it now. And the part that was MOST important - Ryan and I and our vows - was more perfect than I ever could have dreamed of.

And, while our wedding may have been a bust, the honeymoon KICKED ASS!!

The wedding was on Sunday evening and by early, early Tuesday morning we were on our way to the Mayan Riviera.

To fully grasp just how awesome this was, you must first know how well-traveled Ryan and I are.

We're not.

At all.

For Ryan, this was his third time ever on plane (the first and second time being a work trip to and from Minnesota earlier that year). For me, I hadn't been on a plane since a trip to Ontario to see family when I was a kid. Neither of use had been past that first row of northern states (Montana for me) below Canada, certainly never to Mexico.


Because we'd never been anywhere (and because the wedding was headed in a shit direction before we booked the honeymoon) we were not skimping.

We spent 10 days at the Aventura Spa Palace - a 5 Star, adults only all-inclusive. It was every bit the palace we were promised. (Though it's not like we had/have anything to compare it to.)

The honeymoon started a little rocky for me. I was majorly homesick the first night. I had a quiet little panic attack laying in bed the first night and I wanted to go home so bad. I was too scared to tell Ryan so I was forced to suck it up...

...With several Miami Vices by the pool immediately following breakfast the next day.

Because we went in early August (and because half the resort had been shut down due to hurricane damage) the resort was dead. We could walk down the coastline to an inlet on the north end of the resort and have the whole place to ourselves.

This is not exactly a good thing for inexperienced travellers (and idiots) such as ourselves.

Ryan and I walked down to one of these deserted inlets on one of our first days at the resort. On one of the palm tree umbrella thingys was a warning about jellyfish in the area and a recommendation to stay out of the water.

We looked into the inlet.

There were big round rocks all over but no jellyfish.

Maybe it's an old sign that someone forgot to take down.

In we jumped.

We were floating around, being silly newlyweds when Ryan kicked one of the little rocks.

It dislodged from the inlet floor, turned over and grew a whole bunch of tentacles.

Hey! That looks like a jellyfish!

Wait a second.

If that small rock turned itself over, grew a bunch of tentacles and looks an awful lot like a jellyfish, then all these MUCH larger rocks are......



This was my train of thought.

Ryan's was more along the lines of "Cool!! Let's kick these big 'rocks'!!"

All I could think of was Chandler peeing on Monica. And getting the hell out of the inlet!

Ryan was still on the let's play with the jellyfish train.

I demanded he get out immediately and told him that if he got stung, no way was I peeing on him.

No way.

He got out but he was NOT happy about it.

We stuck to the main pool after that.

The resort was so great that we didn't leave that much. I regret that somewhat. But all I wanted to do was lay on the beach, drink fancy drinks and be disgustingly cliche newlyweds. Besides, where else can you aquasize while drinking?

Knowing that we would be very regretful if we didn't leave the resort at all, we dragged ourselves out three times.

The first time was a tour of Coba:

I did not make it to the top. Ryan did. But I chickened out about a third of the way up. I'm STILL pissed at myself about that. But that rope in the middle is the ONLY rope, most of the steps weren't even as wide as my feet, it's a pretty straight up climb and, when we went up, there were tons more people than pictured here and every one of them wanted a piece of that rope.

Six years later, I'm still trying to convince myself it's ok that I chickened out.

The second time we left The Palace was a trip to Playa Del Carmen.

Did you know it's a Mexican tradition to put animals on the heads of tourists?

No it's not. But you'd think it was.

Playa Del Carmen is an interesting place. There are about 500 little shops all selling the same thing and all with people standing in front yelling things at you to get you to come in. And there are armed guards EVERYWHERE.

Being me, things like this:

...scare the SHIT out of me.

These guys were everywhere. There were even truckloads of them driving around. Ryan snuck this picture from around a corner after nearly being shot by another guard.

He asked two guards on the street if he could take their picture. They didn't speak English very well and we didn't speak Spanish really at all. I CLEARLY understood the one guard saying no to Ryan's picture request. Ryan thought he said yes. I told Ryan he said no and he started arguing with me! Ryan goes to take a picture, the guard looks pissed and starts walking out of the frame, I'm telling Ryan no, he's saying it's fine. It's not fine! I'm seeing a smashed camera and my brand new husband in Mexican jail.

I may have overreacted slightly. But in Mexico (and with truckloads of gun toting federales) I don't take chances.

I apologized for my idiot husband and quickly ushered Ryan around the corner and down the street.

He thought the whole thing was pretty funny. I did not.

We did some shopping, grabbed a cold drink and caught a cab back to the resort.

The BEST part of that trip with definitely the 40 of Tequila and 40 of Kahlua for $20 TOTAL.

The last time we left the resort was for Xel-ha. If you've been to the Cancun area of Mexico and you have never gone to Xel-ha, you are crazy. It was amazing and beautiful and so much fun - and very highly recommended by our travel agent. Unfortunately all the pictures from Xel-ha were taken on a disposable camera and I haven't scanned them on my computer.

The rest of our time in Mexico was spent drinking, aquasizing and tanning.

It was rough.

Ryan took some time off the difficult task of swimming AND drinking and kicked some ass in an arm wrestling competition.

That joker there on the right thought he was all bad ass because he's American and Ryan's Canadian. "Go Saints!" he said. I guess that's what makes Americans tough? I dunno....you guys are weird. Anyway Ryan kicked his ass in, like, 15 seconds.

Go Saints!

A few days into the trip half of Ryan's face swelled up like a balloon. And I freaked right out. We may have been in a 5 star resort but it's a 5 star resort in a third world country. We had travel insurance so I wasn't worried about the cost. I was worried about some Voodoo Doctor trying to administer some crazy potion to my new husband.

(You did read the part where I said I didn't get out much, right?)

Turns out the doctor was awesome. Not a Voodoo Witch Doctor at all.

He came right up to our room, watched a bit of soccer on TV, told Ryan he had an allergic reaction to the sun, gave him a shot, watched some more soccer, gave him some pills to take for the next few days and told him to wear a hat at all times.

Then he gave us a bill for $300 and went back to his office to watch the rest of the game.

One of the things I loved most about our honeymoon was chatting with Ryan.

We were relaxed and free of obligations and distractions. The conversations were a bit heavy in topic but something about that Mexican air just made it all so breezy

We went to one of the fancy restaurants for dinner on our last night and the subject of babies came up. We talked about how crazy it was that despite not being ALL that careful over the last 5 years, we've never even so much as had a scare. I hadn't been on the pill at all for over a year before we got married. We were careful but not THAT careful.

Maybe we can't have kids?

What if we can't have kids?

I mean, you'd think I'd have ended up knocked up by now.

We talked about what we might do if we couldn't have children but, you know, Mexico. Breezy baby!

Nothing to worry about now anyway. We'd *just* gotten married.

Plenty of time.

We had a great dinner, took a walk around the grounds for the last time and went to bed.

The next morning we'd be headed home, back to our (now married) reality.


Next week Part VI: The Aftermath

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