Monday, September 10

~Insert Clever Monday Title Here~

It is currently 6:38 am.

Graysen has been up for almost an hour.

He's watching Curious George and I'm guzzling coffee.

Today starts Kadyn's first FULL week at school.

The reality of not being able to throw on yoga pants and spend the morning watching movies, cuddling and cat napping is quickly setting in.

Bittersweet, this school thing.

I got myself a fancy dancy (as Kadyn would call it) gym membership last week.

So not only can I not lay like broccoli in the a.m., I actually need to DO SOMETHING after I drop Kadyn off at school.

I actually need to do a lot of things this week after I drop Kadyn off.

There is an event on Saturday that I am mostly refusing to acknowledge.

Contradictorily I am planning a party for the event I refuse to acknowledge.

A Curious George Banana Pancake Brunch in the Park Party!

I'm pretty excited for the party.

Cannot say the same about the reason for the party.


Also I was STRUCK by wreath making inspiration last week and ALL I can think about is hitting the craft store and getting supplies.

I have to keep reminding myself that I need to focus on the events of this weekend before I think about Fall/Halloween/that dreaded December holiday.

Kadyn started Jiu Jitsu over the weekend.

Well, he started his trial period at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu studio in our city.

(They make you try it out for 10 days before signing the contract. I'm kind of impressed by this.)

He looks ridiculously cute in his gi.

And he seems to be picking it up pretty quickly!

But he seriously lacks focus.

And he seems to think he's a Power Ranger or something.

We have to sign a 12 month contract with this place so if we're in, we're IN.

But I don't think Power Rangers are allowed in.

I'm hoping his sensai will whip him into shape but I almost feel like that's too much pressure to put on one guy.

It's now 7:20 am.

Forty minutes and this is the drivel I've come up with.

In between getting Graysen breakfast and guzzling coffee of course.

I guess I should wake the Power Ranger and get this Monday started.


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