Monday, September 17

Curious Graysen Turns Two

Thanks Ms Kayla for the great photo!
This is Graysen.

He's a good little monkey and always very curious.

One day his parents threw him a Banana Pancake Party in the Park!

Because he turned two.

Good gravy!!

We celebrated this past Saturday (on Graysen's day o'birth) with a Banana Pancake Party in the Park!

I was certain I'd lost my damn mind over this party.

I planned an outdoor party at a playground, in September, in Canada, with no back up plan whatsoever.

Since the weather forecast was calling for rain on Saturday, I was stressed the eff out for most of the last week

As forecasts usually do, the predicted weather changed daily until Friday when it was sunshiny blue skies and 20 degrees.

It was a GORGEOUS day! Perfect for a party in the park!

I decided on a banana pancake party a la Graysen's favourite monkey, Curious George.

Because of the first week of school (ever for us), one of the first weeks I was (legally) allowed to drive solo, dentist visit on tap for me and errand extraordinaire time, I did not even START shopping for Graysen's party until last Tuesday.

Normally I am completely done, organized, double and triple checked a week to 10 days before the party.

Not this time!

It worked out well for me though. I was forced to make Graysen's party the chill park party I wanted it to be.

(Though you'd never have thought that had you seen or talked to me Thursday or Friday.)

Set up was super easy - a big red canopy tent courtesy of the Fraunties, a medium-sized whack of balloons (cause I CANNOT have a party without balloons) and a few George-esque touches.

The kids played in the park for the entire party other than when corralled for food and presents.

It worked so well!

Go play!

Come eat pancakes, fruit and whipped cream.

Go play!

Come eat cupcakes.

Go play!

Come open presents.

Go play till your parents take you home!


Curious George, pancakes, fruit and a solid 4 hours at the playground - Graysen couldn't have been happier!!

And I didn't tear up at all.

Until bedtime when Graysen snuggled in a little tighter and a little longer than usual for our bedtime cuddle session.

It was almost like he knew I might need just a teeny bit of comforting over the ordeal of him turning two.

And I definitely did.

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