Thursday, August 16

Gone Fishing....

A couple weekends ago we went a-fishing.

Kadyn's been asking to go for a while and Ryan suddenly thinks he's a master angler (or whatever those fisher people are called.)

I haven't been fishing in years but I do like it. I'm just not all BASS PRO or whatever.


Since I thought taking a toddler fishing would be NBD.

I KNEW it was a bad idea but I convinced myself it would be fine.

Yeah, no.

About two seconds after this photo was taken....

...that rod slowly descended to the bottom of the pond.

Then, with nothing to do, Graysen ran amok.

Around a body of water.

I had no less than 15 heart attacks before I decided this was just not working and we needed to go home.

The big kids got a little bit of fishing in....

And I sent them back the next day for some bonding time.

Sadly they didn't catch anything but weeds....

I foresee many a solo weekend while the boys are off on fishing trips.

What AM I going to do with myself!?!?!

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