Thursday, August 23

A Dandy Ol' Time

Ryan and I celebrated our 11 & 6 anniversary in a VERY cool way.

A double date to a Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra show!

I know, I know.

I've talked about these guys ad nauseum but I just cannot get enough.

Night's like this past Monday are EXACTLY why.

(Seriously, people. You MUST check these guys out.)

First of all it was a secret show. Very few people knew it was even happening and even fewer knew where it was happening.

In fact, NO ONE but the organizers and the performers knew where it was until a week or so before the show.

Added to this veil of mystery was the very strongly encouraged dress code - 1920s - 40s, Vaudeville....

The four of us gussied ourselves up and arrived in STYLE....

Nice, eh?!?!

And a few more for fun....

I wasn't sure if I was going to make it at all.

A migraine hit Sunday night so I barely slept and the migraine was still pounding when I woke up. Plus I hadn't eaten in 4 days and was still queasy as hell.

I knocked back some water, popped some gravel, downed a Booster Juice and hoped for the best.

The underground club turned out to be a pretty freaking small one room.....building? House?

It's no bigger than my main floor. And there is NO AC.

That was KILLER in almost 90 degree temps (outside) after a scorching fever.

But it's an interesting little place. You'd never guess it was anything but an abandoned building as the outside of the building is completely blank.

Inside there are couple vintage couches, upside down mannequin legs, tin foil art, a very debonaire sailor statue-type guy and random chunks of styrofoam all over the ceiling for soundproofing.

It's very scene.

It was a good time! Good crowd! Good show!

Emily Bachynski of Hello Doctor opened the show and I fell in love with her voice from the first note. She has this raspy, sort of bluesy (but not really) deliciousness to her voice. I can't describe it but I love it. She was great.

And then Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.

I love these guys so much.

Their music gets into my bones. And I love it.

They played for two hours and it was almost like a spiritual sweat lodge experience.

(It was seriously THAT hot. Everyone in the place was dripping.)

Ryan and I don't get to go out often sans kiddos. In fact we almost never get to go out for some adult fun so this was extra special.

So much better than some fancy dinner or movie or something regular like that.

I had such a great time. It was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

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