Tuesday, July 3

(Sort of Awkward) Family Photos...And Rad Graffiti

It's been a while since we've had family photos done.

I wonder why....

We bought a tripod and remote last year and, you know, I kinda dig the DIY family photo shoot.

We just haven't mastered the art. At all.

None of us can stealthily work the remote and without some sort of director we kinda suck.

Invariably at least one of us looks like an idiot.

In fact we're lucky if ONE of looks decent.

Out of a couple hundred pictures, we might get one or two.

Not a very good success rate.

But we try anyway.

Over the weekend we hit up a classy part of town where bums set up makeshift tents against chain link fence and needles and broken glass litter the ground.

It's the ONLY place in the city with rad graffiti.

And I've been DYING to take some pictures in front of some rad graffiti.

I'm a little disappointed with how these turned out.

Out of 150-some, there are only 2 decent family shots.

I'd love a do-over but there's the whole dirty needle thing.

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