Thursday, July 19

Mama Style - At the Lake


At the lake.

Hopefully sipping some coffee at the edge of the water and reading a book.

Ryan can deal with the boys.


And I'm vacationing in style thanks to Brandy from BabyBlackbird.

Brandy and I go waaaaay back - all the way back to tenth grade.

I have fond memories of the two of us sharing ear buds jamming to Will Smith.

Na-na-na Na Na-na-na Na Na Na Na-na-na Gettin' jiggy wit it!

Oh, good times!!

Lately she can be found touring around Toronto looking fabulous with her too-cute-for-words kiddos 
Kingston and Harlow and her ukelele playing, poutine eating husband, Chris.

If you've never visited Brandy before, you really should.  She is super sweet, hilariously sarcastic, incredibly helpful and a total fashion maven.

Just be prepared to never look at your kids' wardrobe the same again.


Hi readers and friends of Manic Mama, I’m Brandy from BabyBlackbird

While Rebecca is away “relaxing” (let’s be real, there is no such thing as relaxing with kids) on vacation with her family,  I thought I’d share a little vacation bag I packed just for her. 

So enough with the lead in, let’s just get right to it: 

Hat - Hoodie - Tank - Shorts - Sweats - Sandals - Sneakers - Swimsuit - Backpack

If you like cute kids, and clothing stop by my blog anytime, that’s the super short version of what Baby Blackbird is all about.


Thanks, Brandy - Awesome choices!

I will definitely be rocking a bit floppy hat. And running away from tantrums AND running towards a bottle glass of wine!

Be sure to stop in at Brandy's place and check out all the chic cuteness!

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