Monday, July 30

Lettuce Be Real Tea

Rejoining reality after a 2 week vacation is the exact opposite of fun.

Know what else is the opposite of fun?

Being on vacation, roughly 1800 km from home - and on an island, going to the parkade where you left the car, at 8 am, and finding it gone.

Like, totally gone.

Then finding pieces of glass on the ground.

Then finding the books you brought at the cashier's booth.

Then dry heaving all over downtown Victoria.

Long story short, someone smashed a window on the car and stole my camera, lenses, and video camera. (And all my hair products. O_o) The police towed the car for safe keeping.

The cameras have been replaced and I had copies of all the photos and video but the memory cards are still out there. I can't think about that fact for too long or I start to feel very, very queasy.

I try to look at the bright side - the asshole thieves could have taken a lot more - A LOT

(So much more that if you knew, you'd say we deserved it for being brainless enough to leave all that in the car.)

Fortunately the thieves are as dumb as they are asshole-ish.

(I am assuming their stupidity is also why they stole my conditioner but not my books. I'm not certain they were even literate thieving assholes.)

Unfortunately I have no pictures from the trip after Tuesday.

Fortunately, once again, I decided to upload the pictures I did have Tuesday evening.



The night before the VERY unfunny "Dude, Where's my Car?" remake, we hit up a free Skafest show at Ship Point.

Folks, that night made the Top 10 list of best experiences of my life. 

Might even be in the Top 5.

We caught the end of Natural Flavas - a super cool reggae band who did some pretty rad covers -  Blackberry Wood - SO MUCH FUN!! - and The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra - *swoon*.

I danced my ass off for hours and loved every. single. second. of it.

Blackberry Wood posted a review on their Facebook page. You should definitely read it here --> because it's a pretty rad review and because I was totally and definitely in the middle of that crowd-wide bicycle. 

I'm even in this photo!!!


And I've totally fallen in love with TMO.

In love.

They make my heart so, so happy.

You should listen so you have a happy heart, too.

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