Monday, July 9

I'm Trippin'....

As you read this I am probably touring around Vancouver.

Or wandering the streets of Victoria.

Or laying on a beach reading a juicy book.

Or maybe I'm sleeping.


Early, early, EARLY, (like 3 am EARLY) Saturday morning two of my very best friends and I hit the road for fun, sun and adventure in British Columbia.

We'll tour around Stanley Park, hop on a rubber dingy and find some whales, dance our asses off to some kick ass music, go on a tree top adventure and whatever, wherever the wind takes us.

As I write this I am such a mixture of emotions.

I am STOKED, ELATED, EXCITED, THRILLED to be on this road trip.

I am in desperate need of this break - this past year and half has kicked my ass all over the place - and I know I will have a BLAST.

But I am really, really going to miss my boys.

I cannot imagine being away from them for an entire week.

I won't lie. It's taken some convincing to get myself on this trip.

I NEED the break so badly.

The boys NEED a solid week of boy time.

And the boys NEED a break from me.

ALL of us NEED this.

Plus we'll be hitting up the lake next week for a family vacation.

Back-to-back vacations FTW!!!

I've been repeating this to myself for weeks.

And forcing myself to not be stupid and back out at the last minute because I'll miss my boys.

I will miss them.

They probably won't miss me.

(I asked Kadyn if he would miss me and all he cared about was having Ryan home for a whole week. Nice, eh?)

But they will be fine.

In fact, they will probably be better than fine.

I said to Ryan the other day, "You go out of town for a couple days and all hell breaks loose. I go away for a weekend and I come back to a spotless house full of darling angels. You know what? Fuck. You."

He laughed at me and made same asinine comment about being the best or the master or some shit I definitely rolled my eyes at.

And THAT is why I am absolutely going on this trip.

Because my husband is some miracle child-rearing asshole.

(Thanks for letting me go on this trip, honey!! I love you!!)

In the meantime, I have a few guest posts from some kick ass pals a and a couple updates on projects I was supposed to have done months ago.

Right now?

I have a chocolate mint mojito to sip on.

Don't judge me. It's 5 o'clock somewhere and I'm on vacation, bitches!

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