Tuesday, July 17

I Don't Know What You Been Told! On This Room, My Kid is Sold!

Two months late, we FINALLY redid Kadyn's room.

And thank goodness.

That Cars crap was killing me.

(Character clothing and decor is a bit of a pet peeve for me.)

Here's the before and the later before:

Kadyn started out with painted canvas' (those rad square thingys), Cars wall stickers, Cars bedding, Cars stuffies, Cars vomit.....

That came down in April - as I has planned to have this room done in May. Ha! We also switched out Kadyn's dresser as his old one was just too big for the room.

And then the room sat.


For three months.

We almost scrapped the whole idea because I found out - AFTER I purchased them - that the wall vinyls are a one shot deal. They are not reusable wall stickers. And since we don't permanently live here (and hope to be moving in the next year and a half) I didn't want to waste them.

So now I'm deliberating buying duplicate vinyls for when we move. Just in case.


Then the Great Desk Snafu of 2012 hit.

I scoured Kijiji for 2 months.

That place gives me aneurysms.

With all the "antiques" and pure GARBAGE in "great condition" and people who put an ad up but don't respond to inquires. And people who WAY overprice their GREAT CONDITION antique garbage.

Or people who email you about the gaming system you're selling, offer you $5 for ONE game and ask if YOU will deliver it.

OMG. I need a drink.

So the Great Desk Snafu.

We gave up on Kijiji and decided to just buy a brand new desk.

The desk I wanted had been discontinued.

Which just made me want it more.

Nobody tells me I can't have something.

The minute you tell me I can't have something, it becomes my life mission to get. that. item.

And I always get it.

I got the desk.

Of course I did.

I have to mention though that the guy we bought it from didn't want to sell it to me. So I had Ryan email him and he picked it up the next day.


But, in the end, I got what I wanted! Suckerssssss!

Anyway I'm pretty happy with how Kadyn's room turned out.

I don't think I'm ever fully satisfied since we can't paint (can't do a number of things) and I try to make everything portable.

Ah, the life of a renter.

One of the reasons I've been so jazzed about this room is that several sentimental items that belonged to my grandfather are in this room.

I am so happy Kadyn gets to enjoy them and I smile thinking of my grandpa every time I go into Kadyn's room.

The blanket on the end of Kadyn's bed is the first Grandpa touch.

He fought in WWII (he was actually a POW and was marched across Poland. Marched! Across a country! In the dead of winter! I can't even imagine.) and he brought that blanket back.

I don't know much about it beyond that but I am very happy to have it.

I also really dig that orange chopper. So cool!

The kid gnawing on the paint roller isn't too shabby either.

The desk....

Nothing fancy, I know.

And it's Ikea. As is the bookshelf. And the dresser. And 94% of the whole damn house.

But this baby was a $50 Kijiji steal and it's near mint.

I wanted a desk with shelves but not a computer desk. And it couldn't be too big but I did want something that could grow with Kadyn.

I think this is perfect.

As is the chair.

My grandfather worked on the railways many, many years ago and he sat in that chair.

It's been kicking around with me for probably over 10 years and many have suggested I get rid of it but I refused.

Now it finally has a home.

As does Kadyn's new and quickly-growing Lego collection, his airplane bank, Susan Joe (the Betta Fish) and a few other soldier-ish accessories I picked up and a couple more blocks from Bubblewrapp'd.

And above the desk are my grandfather's war medals.

For more years than I can remember, these medals have sat in an old International Coffee tin. They were all so tarnished and dirty, I couldn't even tell what they were.

I got a steal of a deal on a shadow box, Ryan and I cleaned and polished the medals and they, too, now have a home.

I didn't think all this would make as big of a change to the room as it did - given that quite a few elements remained unchanged.

(I really wanted to move the furniture but the shape of the room and the placement of the window make this set up pretty much the only option.)

I'm happy with it and Kadyn LOVES it.

He will happily play in his room for hours now - something I'd been trying to get him to for months!

Mission complete!

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