Thursday, July 12

Half Bath, Full Awesome

For the first time in my life, I have more than one bathroom.

Yay! Three boys and two toilets!

Right on!

Until I discovered that Kadyn is a great child labourer, I mostly made Ryan clean the bathrooms.

Or he could teach Kadyn to pee IN the toilet instead of AROUND the toilet.

His choice.

Now that Ryan knows Kadyn can clean the bathrooms, I fully expect a decline in marksmanship for all male members of this family.

And somehow any conversation about my boys so very easily digresses into potty talk.


The half bath!

Until two weeks ago it was boring and gross - in more ways than one.

The only photo evidence I have is from the last time Kadyn cleaned the bathroom.

Terrible, right?

That Ikea 'art' is at least 5 years old.

Shameful that I still own it.

Shocking anything Ikea is still in such good shape after that long.

It now resides in our basement.

Because my half bath is now FULL AWESOME!

I feel like these pictures don't do the space justice. Or maybe I am WAY too excited about the newly decorated half bath.

Or maybe both.

And how awesome am I? Taking a break from sunning myself to snap some pictures of the bathroom.

Go me!!

If I had taken these pictures BEFORE sunning myself, I might have noticed that my hiked up capris were hiked up at different spots. And I might have avoided the ridiculous tan lines I am currently sporting.

Live and learn....

So, shockingly, most of the new stuff is from...wait for it..... Ikea!!

You just can't beat $1.75 hand towels! (Although I was not impressed by the limited colour selection. I mean, jeeze. Out of the 3 colours I have in the loo, the green was my only choice.)

And I'm not sure about the faux daisy-type flowers. But they will sit there until I decide. Or they'll just sit there.

Funnily enough, the entire design scheme was based around those faux daisy-type flowers and now I'm not sure I want them in there at all anymore.

I am very excited to finally have the tile painting displayed in our house. We bought it on our honeymoon in Mexico almost 6 years ago and it's been packed up for the entire 6 years.  I love it in the bathroom.

And the 'Be Cheeky" block! A Bubblewrapp'd original! Love that!

It took forever to figure out what I wanted that block to say. Then I thought it would be double or triple the size that it is (because even if you tell me - or I ASK - for a 12 inch block, I will make it whatever size I want in my head) so I had to rethink my entire plan for the bathroom.

Which ended up working out fantastically in the end!

Also the little green sprig things in the little glass bottles are air fresheners - STRONG air fresheners. I have been searching for a STRONG air freshener for the bathroom - that wasn't a nasty plugin thing or a gel thing or any sort of chemical thing or a disgusting smelling thing - forever!

My boys are STINKY! And those sprigs totally take care of it.

So there you have it - my full awesome half bath.

Be cheeky!

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