Tuesday, July 31

A Fresh(ish) Start

Every few weeks or months I find myself in a funk.

Sometimes I can pinpoint the cause, others times I have no idea.

The funks suck and I am over them.

The main reason for the funks, I am certain, is my jump off the healthy living train.

I've stopped taking my vitamins, stopped regular exercise and I've let my diet slip. (I don't eat a lot of crap but I am a 'reverse stress-eater' [I DON'T eat when I'm stressed] and very easily slip into a one meal a day/nighttime muncher routine.)

I know that my inconsistency with these things does not help me handle the other things in life. And it makes me feel kinda shitty on the regular.

And then I get angry with myself because I KNOW BETTER.

And I know how much I love intense exercise and how much better I feel when I take good care of myself.

I found myself in a funk last week and just got fed right up.

I'd given myself several stern talkings to over the last couple weeks and the funk broke the camel's back.

Changes needed to be made.


Starting yesterday I am back on my vitamins (all 137 of them!), eating more than once a day and working on a doable exercise routine.

We bought a pretty nice weight bench off Kijiji so it's just a matter of fitting it in my day. I'll also be picking up Groupons for different classes to mix things up.

The boys started swimming lessons yesterday. I'd planned to wait until school started but why?

Kadyn rode his bike and I pushed Graysen in the stroller. We got going at a pretty good pace! Even on the way back with a flat tire and the extra weight of wet towels and swimsuits. That's a good 40 minutes of cardio, not counting the half hour lesson which is really just a refreshing break.

And lastly I'll be introducing some meditation whenever possible. Even if it's just 10 minutes before bed.

I've done this once already and noticed an immediate change.

I'm not a food nazi or a gym whore. I don't do anything to the extreme and I don't do anything I don't want to do. But healthy living is very important to me.

I want to be strong, healthy and full of energy for my boys - and for myself - and I want them to see the value and importance of taking care of themselves - in a positive and healthy way.

Kadyn's already asked to try out the weight bench. I fully intend to capitalize on that as much as possible - in a safe and fun way, of course.

I'm sick of feeling like shit. And I have NO excuses. The baby factory is shut down and Graysen's almost two.

Plus I need and want this for myself.

That pain after a hardcore work out is euphoric drug for me. And I miss it ferociously.

Do you think I'm crazy or do you love the burn, too? What kinds of things do you do to stay healthy?

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