Monday, April 16

Monday Again?

This whole Monday business seems to happen every week.

I'm starting to think there's some kind of pattern or something.

I registered Kadyn for kindergarten last week.

Be still my racing heart.

We didn't get into the school we were REALLY hoping for.

We live out of district and their kindergarten program is full.

Ryan and I were both very disappointed (Ryan wants to move! Ha!) but we knew the chances of Kadyn getting in were slim to none.

I'm not crazy about our district school. I'm not all that jazzed about the principal and half the school is in an enriched program - which is why the school is ranked so high academically.

Can you imagine an enriched kindergarten program?

I'm told that instead of groupings of desks, the kids are seated in straight rows, that the majority of the learning is done through worksheets and written 'activities' and that, at a kindergarten level, the group activities, circle time and things of that nature just are not included.

Sounds horrific to me.

Thank goodness Kadyn will be in the 'mainstream' program!

I'm kinda stressing about this whole school business.

The plan was to be buying a house pretty much now and be in the neighbourhood of the school we wanted the boys to attend.

Obviously things didn't work out that way.

It's not the end of the world.

Our district school isn't TERRIBLE. But it's almost certain that Kadyn will have to switch schools either at the end of first grade or halfway through.

I went to 7 different schools. I didn't want the boys to ever switch schools.

But it's not the end of the world, right?

The end of the world is my first born turning A WHOLE FREAKING HAND in 3 weeks and starting KINDERGARTEN this fall.

I need a tranquilizer.


We booked Kadyn's birthday party over the weekend, too.

Seriously, tranquilizer? Anyone?

The party went from a Superhero Shindig to a Soldier Soiree to a Bowling Ball.

(Get it? Bowling Ball.....Hee hee hee!)

This sounds terrible (to me anyway) but we've downsized considerably in the friends and family department and the elaborate and insane plans I had for the Superhero and Soldier party was just way too much work for the 3 or so people we would be inviting.

Plus Kadyn's been begging to go bowling for months.

One phone call, less than $100 and I know Kadyn will love it - Perfect!

Plus there is NO set up or clean up for me.

We'll save the soldier party for next year when Kadyn has a whole class full of kids to invite.

(When I say "Tranquilzer!" you say "Xanax!")

We're still doing the bunker bedroom for Kadyn.

But of course we've run into some snags.

I found some wicked awesome wall stickers for Kadyn's room, our room and the half-bath.

Turns out they are wall VINYLS and I don't think they are a) reusable or b) removable.

If they are not, they become unusable. Until we buy a house at least.

Which really, really sucks since they are pretty much the focus of both Kadyn's room and our room.

More on that another time.


Last Saturday my bestest friend left for Mexico with her hubby for their second wedding.

Yeah, they think they are celebrities.

He's from Newfoundland so they got married, married when they visited NFLD this past November and now they are having the wedding in Mexico.

Obviously we are not there.

I've been a sobbing mess.

My BFF left last Saturday and then (literally) ALL my friends left this past Saturday.

The wedding is today. At 7pm my time.

And we are not there.

I'm trying not to be so, so mopey but it's so, so hard.

I am DEVASTATED that I am missing my best friend's wedding.

This girl (and her husband) is family to us. And we can't be there.

And I honestly do not know how I am going to deal with this.

They will be gone until next Saturday and then I will have to endure the stories and reminiscing and 'remember when's?' for who knows how long.

I feel very selfish for being SO upset over this. And I feel even more terrible for (at least right now) not wanting to hear a single story from the trip. But it's the honest truth.

I haven't told her how upset I am. I am sure she knows but I can't talk about it with her. It makes me feel icky.

This isn't about me. And as much as I am hurting, I will not put any of this on her.

I did get to help with a few important wedding things and I was/am VERY happy to have been a part of that.  I also put together the most amazing video of clips from the people who couldn't make it. I am seriously incredibly proud of my work on the video and I am trying to let that be our 'presence' at the wedding.

I haven't been very successful with that.

So yeah. That's that.

I've been in a surprisingly good mood so far today but we'll see what happens come 7 pm.


I'm unhappy to report that I think I'm totally coming around to this haircut thing with Graysen.


I still don't think I'll be chopping it though.

And I am shocked by all you fickle friends who are voting that I do!

How could you!?!?!

The appointment is set - April 28th!

The poll will be up until the 25th so make sure you vote! 

No Fickle Frannies allowed!! 

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