Thursday, April 26

Hair Did

The votes are in.

A whopping 75% of you voted that we chop Graysen's hair right off.

Bunch of meanies.

I have no room to talk though.

I go back and forth by the minute.

One minute I want to cut it all off super short. The next I don't even want to trim it at all.

I mean, look at him!!

Aren't we just so cute?

I don't know what to do about his hair.

I think this style suits Graysen but it is pretty ratty. It could use a cleaning up.

I'm just worried that if I don't chop it off, our hair stylist will royally screw it up.

Which is quite rude of me to think since our girl is really awesome and we love her.

I guess I'm mostly worried that I won't be able to properly communicate what I want and then I will be devastated when it doesn't turn out how I wanted.

I know.

Suck it up, princess. It's HAIR.

But it's my baby's first REAL hair cut. (I'm not counting the trim last November.)

And Graysen is my last baby.

Those last firsts KILL ME!!

I don't know what the hell I'm going to do.

Probably just sit in a corner and cry like a fool.

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