Tuesday, April 17

Get a Haircut! And Get a Real Job!

I've got one kid who needs a haircut.

And one who needs a job.

My family is a mess.


I'm on the haircut thing. Promise!

The job thing.....

How young is too young to get a job?

I'm not talking about accounting or lawyering or even Wal-mart Greetering.

I'm thinking flyer delivering.

Kadyn doesn't really have any concept of money.

We go to the store, we get something, we go home.

Ta da!

He knows that we pay money for the things that we buy but he doesn't know the value of a dollar or that you have to WORK to earn that dollar. Or that you only have so many dollars to spend.

And he asks for stuff constantly.

Can't blame the kid. I want all the things, too!

No way in hell am I sitting down with charts or activity pages or whatever to try to teach him about money.

I would MUCH rather get him a job.

And he will thank me when he becomes the father of children who want for everything and he can give the old "In my day kids worked for their money! I had a job when I was 5 years old!!" speech.

I can't wait!!

So flyer delivering.

The way I see it, there are very few downsides.

  • It's a family activity
  • It's an opportunity for exercise
  • It will teach Kadyn responsibility
  • It will teach Kadyn money management
  • It will allow me to buy more shoes
The only downside is that one of us MUST help him and, well, sometimes we're lazy. And it's really freaking cold here in the winter.

Cross that frozen tundra when we get to it, I guess.

In addition to EARNING money, I want Kadyn to learn to MANAGE his money.

I'm thinking that fancy jar system I've heard about: A jar for spending, a jar for saving and a jar for giving.

I wasn't planning to have any say in the spending jar. Kadyn would be able to spend freely with the only exceptions being junk food/candy and toy weapons. I would give him guidance and suggestions but I would never say no.

The saving jar would be just that - savings. I don't know what we're saving for. Figure that out later on.

And Kadyn would be able to donate from the giving jar maybe twice a year? Whenever he finds change, he always talks about donating it or buying toys for kids who don't have many toys so I know Kadyn would be very into this. He could buy a toy for Santa's Anonymous, buy and donate food to The Food Bank or the animal shelter - I would leave that up to him, with guidance, of course.

I guess my only dilemma here is that whenever a child as young as Kadyn takes on a responsibility, it's really the PARENTS who take it on and I'm just not so sure *I* want a paper route.

But I really want to buy more shoes.

What say you? Is 5 too young to 'get a job'? Does your kid have a job? 

How did you teach your kids about money?

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