Tuesday, April 10

Dude Looks Like a Lady

People keep asking Kadyn about his sister.

He is NOT impressed by this.

And his responses to the inquirers are getting less and less nice.

Ryan and I get it completely. We're pretty sick of fielding questions about the daughter we never had.

My grandmother made a grandmotherly comment the other day.

"Well, no wonder people think he's a girl! Look at what you've done to his hair!" she said.

Yes, Graysen's hair is long.

And I will concede that he does need a trim.

But he DOES NOT look like a girl.

Does he?


No, he is not crying because he looks like a girl.


He is crying because instead of getting him lunch, I am snapping endless pictures of him.

I love Graysen's hair and I think it suits him. The hair in the eyes does bug me but I adore his little hipsterish shag.

(Do the hipsters still wear their hair like this? Or did I miss a new breed of hipsters? Do hipsters even still exist?)

I am going to make hair appointments for both boys before Kadyn's birthday at the beginning of May. 

Kadyn will get his usual.

But what about Graysen?

A trim?


What say you?

That poll up there on the right will go until April 25th at noon.

I'd like to say we'll do whatever you vote for but that just not how a control freak like me rolls.

You should still vote though. It's good karma, yo!

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