Monday, March 19

When Siblings Attack: The Sequel

So I epically failed.

Remember this?


I've spent the days since being extra watchful.

Guess what I discovered?

Graysen is a sly, sneaky, antagonistic shit disturber.

He might just be King of the shit disturbers.

I shit you not.

Time after time I watched a tranquil scene of cooperative play turn into pure chaos because of a certain evil toddler.

It's like the child has an evil switch.

Playing happily.

Playing happily.

Playing happily.


Locate target.

Target located.

Sensors locked on Big Brother.

Scanning area.

Area of destruction located.

Sights set on intricate block tower.

Engage evil smile.

Proceed with terror.

Target reached.

Commence destruction.


Shit disturbing complete.

Engage gigantic crocodile tears.

End sequence.


I feel like an idiot.

I knew Grayen bugged his brother but I had no idea how calculated it was.

Which is ridiculous since it is CLASSIC younger sibling behaviour - which my CHILDLESS FRIENDS so wonderfully pointed out.

In my defence, they both have older and younger siblings.

I still feel like I should have known.

There's a reason we call him "Destruct-o Baby"

But whatever.

The point is I figured it out.

And since my revelation there has been much less chaos.

Or rather much less reactive chaos.

Graysen has not stopped terrorizing his brother.

That will never stop.

But since I have recognized what is actually going on and reacted accordingly, Kadyn's behaviour has drastically changed.

I knew there was something more behind Kadyn's behaviour.

Kadyn and I have had a few good chats since the beginning of March. I still expect him to put up with his brother's antics to a certain extent but I have given him some ways to deal with it better than he has been and really, Kadyn seeing ME better dealing with Graysen and the whole situation was enough for Kadyn to make better choices for himself.

One day I know these two are going to realize just how much damage they can cause if they combine their skills of mass destruction.

I can already feel the looks of pity from the other parents.

"There goes Kadyn and Graysen's mom. That poor, poor woman. She must be heavily medicated."

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